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Grainger D214 River tug

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Farrier F-22 Farrier F-82R Dazcat 10
T680 Sportboat

Grainger D214

Grainger D214 is a fast cruising catamaran constructed from precut foam (Duflex) panels. Bukvaj can build this type of a boat either for owner use or for charter. The cat is designed for fast passages and comfortable motion with wave piercing bows. As a charter boat she will cater to the environmentally conscious sailor due to the near fossil free running. The cat is propelled by twin 15kW electric sail drives with folding 17" propellers, the electric motors are also capable of recharging the batteries while sailing. 15kWh of lithium manganese batteries. 1kW of solar panels and a hot water solar panel. 22kW (28kW peak) DC diesel generator. 5kW inverter charger. Induction hob and electric oven / microwave. Fridge and freezer. Dishwasher and washing machine (well, there is space for the two last items), double sinks and skipper's hands to do the dishes.

Self-supported bowsprit for code-D or asymmetric spinnaker. 6m long curved main sheet track on top of the canopy to keep decks safe and clear of lines. Self-tacking jib for easy shorthanded sailing. Rotating carbon mast, infused in a female mold. Synthetic rigging. Fusion membrane carbon twaron sails. 4 double cabins and 4 toilets, forward cabins with extra bunks in the bows. Full size chart table, spacious galley and dining settee.

Designed by Grainger Designs...built by Bukvaj Multihulls. Orientation price with the above kit EUR 600k + VAT

D214 Specifications
L.O.A. 14.6 m (47'11")
Disp DWL-100 6 951 kg
Disp DWL 9 294 kg
Disp DWL+100 (max disp.) 11 810 kg
Hull B:L 1:13
Sinkage DWL 246 kg/cm
LCB 7 994
Wetted area 20.03 x 2
RM 26.02 m/tons
Bridge clearance 850 mm
Headroom in bridge cabin 2 000 mm
Beam CL/CL 5.6 m
Beam overall 7 530 mm
Hull draft 712 mm
Mast height above cabin 20 m
Auxiliary engine Twin 15kW eletric saildrives
Main 82.5 sq.m.
Self tacking jib 31.0 sq.m.
Gennaker/Code D 95.0 sq.m.
M+STJ 113.5 sq.m.

River tug

Bukvaj also offers boat re-constructions.

River tugboat Ilona (over 70 years old) is currently being rebuilt in the yard.

The reconstruction consists in re-building the steel body and in complete restoration and installation of the propulsion system, interior and equipment.

The reconstruction process can be viewed in the Gallery -> click here

Farrier F-22

The F-22 has been designed as a very versatile boat, from a simple open cuddy cabin to a full cabin, with an optional aft cabin or cockpit, depending on builder/owner preferences.

Bukvaj has successfully built the main hull of the first F-22 launched by Oliver Doms in Germany.

All construction details can be found on www.F-boat.com.

Designed by Farrier marine... Even though the F-22 is now a production boat sold by Farrier Marine, a custom boat can be built to order by Bukvaj. There is also one set of unused F-22 plans available for USD 500.

F-22 specifications
L.O.A 22' 10
B.O.A 18' 1
Folded beam 8' 2 1/2
Approx. bare weight 1300 - 1500 lbs (590 - 680 kg) depending on model
Float displacement 3056 lbs (1390 kg)
Sail area (main & jib) 294 sq.ft (27.3 sq.m.) tall 'R' version rig also available
Mast height 31' (9.4m)
Draft (board up) 12
Draft (board down) 4' 11
Interior headroom 5' 2
Main cabin width 7' 3
Height on trailer 8' 9

Farrier F-82R

The F-82R trimaran is a very practical cruiser/racer on water. Comfortable interior combined with easy trailerability makes the F-82R the ultimate sport sailboat.

The yard has successfully built two sail away boats (Zabka - last seen in Barcelona, Shahin is in Munich), finished an incomplete boat (Kaya in Dortmund), and built two kits (one is in Praha and other one is in Northern Germany).

Bukvaj can build this type of a boat to any stage of completion, exactly to plans. All construction details can be found on www.F-boat.com.

Designed by Farrier Marine Inc...can be built to order from Farrier plans by Bukvaj.

F-82R Specifications
L.O.A. 26'11
L.W.L. 24'6
Beam 19'6
Folded beam 8'1/2
Draft hull only 1' (0,3 m)
Draft D/Board down 4'7
Sail area (main and jib) 430 sq.ft.(39,8 m2)
Mast length 36' (11 m)
Mast height above water 40'7
Approx.weight 1500 lb (680 kg)
Load capacity 1600 lb (727 kg)
Height on trailer 9'10
Approx.towing weight 2400 lb(1100 kg)
Auxiliary power 4-8 HP outboard
Approx.wind capsize force(main&jib) 31 knots

Dazcat 10

A bridgedeck cruiser racer catamaran built from a kit supplied by Dazcat in Cornwall. She is a sporty little cat with comfortable interior. Extremely versatile.

Designed by Dazcat Designs. Launched in 2002. Last seen in Kent.

Dazcat 10 specifications
Displacement lightship 2500 kg
Overall length 10 m
Waterline length 9.850 m
Bridgedeck clearance 0.650 m
Beam max 6.300 m
Draft max 1.100 m
Mast height off deck 15.000 m
Mast height off water 17.000 m
Mainsail 45 m2
Self tacking jib 20 m2
Genoa 30 m2
Code 0 60 m2
Spinnaker 70 m2
Capacity 8
Berths 6
Number of staterooms 2
Number of heads 1
Fuel Petrol
Fresh water 200 ltrs
Payload 2.5 tonnes

T680 Sportboat

The T680 Sport is a full on sport boat.
The T680 Club is a specialist boat for club trainer and intermediate low cost sport boat.

T680 Sport - Carbon mast. Rigging is Dyform with aluminium spreaders and boom. Retractactable carbon fibre bow prod.

T680 Club - Aluminium mast. Rigging is Dyform with aluminium spreaders and boom. Retractactable carbon fibre bow prod.

Deck Fitout - Full Harken fitout with winch for jib and spinnaker sheets.

Sails - Mainsail, light and medium jib with a heavy air option. Spinnakers are asymmetric with two masthead and one fractional. The Club version has a mainsail, 1 fractional spinnaker and 1 jib.

Trailer and launching - The boat can be trailer launched using the custom keel winch or dry sailed with the central lifting hook.

Designed by Thompson Design...built by Bukvaj.

T680 specifications
L.O.A. 6,8 m ( 22,3')
Beam 2,5 m ( 8,2')
Draft 1.8 m ( 5,9')
Complete boat 280 kg ( 550 lb)
Keel 280 kg ( 550 lb)
Crew 340 kg ( 748 lb)
Sailing weight 900 kg ( 1914 lb)
SA up 34,1 m2 (367 sq.ft)
SA down 93,4,m2 (1005 sq.ft)

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