Bukvaj Construction & Bukvaj Multihulls

Bukvaj is a modern company based in the port of Holešovice in Prague.The company is divided into boatbuilding and construction contracting services.

The boatbuilding part of Bukvaj specializes in building one-off boats to any stage of completion and renovating and fixing any type of smaller water craft. Personalized exterior and interior alterations based on owner requests are no problem.

The current projects include renovation of a 70+ year old steal river tugboat and building a sporty 48’ Grainger catamaran for charter. In the past Bukvaj built several Farrier trimarans, including the main hull of the first F-22 launched by Oliver Doms. Bukvaj also ventured into racing monohulls with the purchase of T-680 molds. The Longtze sportboat origins come from Bukvaj’s T-680 molds. The Longtze sportboat and T-680 sportboat designs are pretty much identical.

The second branch of Bukvaj deals with building contractor work. In this sector Bukvaj offers construction of new houses, remodeling of houses and flats, insulation of concrete-block apartment buildings and an entire segment of heating engineering